IFAP Modeling Academy consists of classes specifically designed to train students in the various aspects of the modeling profession. Our modeling course is unique in the fact that it is conducted by top professionals, celebrities and models from Pakistan’s fashion industry.

building confidence and self-esteem, nurturing 'value system' that supports you in your personal and professional growth(s). we are open to visits. If your interest is in modelling, please feel free to apply. We will evaluate your potential. and help you soar higher.

Course Outline

Fashion History | Develop an understanding of the evolution of the notion of fashion.
Styling and personal grooming | Pay attention to grooming and learn how to improve your personal style.
Cultural Refinement | Basic etiquette is introduced and the effectiveness of cultural finesse explained.

Hair and Make up | Learn key techniques for creating up-to-date day and evening looks.

Health & Physical fitness | Work fitness into your lifestyle to make your body work for you.

Speech Enhancement | Learn to speak with poise and measure.

Photography | Learn how to face a camera, develop a portfolio and advance your career.

Runway Training | Arm yourself with the vocabulary of the ramp to walk with confidence and ease.

Icon/Celebrity Talk | Get inspired by personalities of influence.

Acting | Learn the art of being believable under imaginary circumstances.

Portfolio shoot | Your own professional commercial portfolio.

Course Instructor | 

Course Duration | One  Month

Modeling  Classes are schedule in four to five days a week.