The Institute

The International Fashion Academy of Pakistan (IFAP), incepted 21st of November 2011 in Lahore is a private training institute that provides a conducive learning environment and internationally acclaimed courseware for Grooming, Makeup, Hair, Modelling,  and Photography. Since 2011, IFAP has had a significant role in fashion education in Pakistan. Our specialised and practical curricula adapts to occurrences and trends in a diversified fashion industry. We continue to cultivate fashion professionals that can adapt to international trends of a modern, global fashion industry. we have structured and strengthened our courseware with modules that are minutely designed for value and a broader domain specific knowledge-base. Cultural Refinement & Etiquette, Runway Coaching, Speech Enhancement, Photo Shoot Direction, Styling, Health & Wellness are some modules aimed at creating more value, augmenting aesthetics. 

IFAP aims to bring to industry, a breed of professionals, technically aligned, vigilant and globally competitive. We shall soon stretch to encompass other aspects of fashion under our umbrella, IFAP. Our aim is to establish a complete fashion academy designed to train 'new wave' stylists, make-up artists, well groomed models and fashion photographers. We seek to revolutionise the fashion Scene in Pakistan with focus on nurturing individual(s) that are competitive for skill and style.

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