IFAP Photography Academy is the best choice for those who are thinking of photography as a new career, this course provides a sound introduction to the world of photography and what it means to capture images which can work for you. By the end of the course students will also have the beginnings of an extremely impressive portfolio of work shots.

photography is the art to  extend and imprint the eye as and when required, trending as a new career, this course provides a comprehensive introduction to the realm(s) of photography. it teaches the students to capture images which can work for them. By the end of course students will also have initiated an extremely impressive portfolio. 

Course Outline 

Introduction | Learn the basics of capturing a photograph.
Exposure | Exposing the right moment the right way.

Introduction to Exposure Control | An overview of the tools of photography and photographic techniques.

Depth of field | Gain an understanding of the intuitive sense and technical's of photography. 

Film Media/ Digital Media | Viewing video as an art form.

Lenses | The science of lenses and when and how to use them.

Composition | Defining your image and framing it right.

Photographic Lighting | How to illuminate the dark and capture fast-moving objects by controlling light.

Digital Imaging and Techniques | Make the most of your digital camera.

Photo Finishing | Post processing your photographs using different software's.

Course Instructor Name

Course Duration: One Month

Photography Classes are schedule in four to five days a week .